Product Care


14k Gold-filled:

14k Gold-filled will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. However, metals will tarnish if left out in the open air. Some skin types, lotions and harsh chemical such as alcohol, perfume will tarnish the metal quicker than usual, so you might want to avoid it. Start with a soft cloth to clean and air dry it. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing. For extra care, gently wipe away any products or skin oils with a soft jewelry cloth every time after wear and keep your jewelry in a small pouch/plastic zip bag helps keep it from tarnishing!

In addition, we will advise not to wear your jewelry during bath, exercising or swimming e.g to prevent any damages. 


925 Sterling Silver:

Sterling Silver jewelry should be cleaned after each time you wear it, then properly stored. Clean and polish silver with a silver polishing cloth (non-abrasive type to avoid scratching) or a soft jewelry cloth and they will be as sparkling as new! Same for silver, keep them in a small pouch/plastic zip bag to avoid tarnishing.

Hope the above information helps you to understand on loving and caring for your jewelry! :)


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